What was your favourite part of THE BOOK OF STORMS to write? - Sara, London

I think there were a couple of them - one was the scene in which Danny is talking to Sammael in a dream (in Chapter 15) - this was originally the beginning of the book, and I had a very strong vision of Sammael, cruel and powerful and bewitching, forcing Danny to admit how scared he was about what might be lurking in his own imagination. The book was originally written as a game, with Sammael pushing Danny to do things he never wanted to do, and Danny gradually becoming braver. A bit cat and mouse, which didn't make for a very satisfying story arc, but the relationship between Sammael and Danny has always been the idea upon which everything else was built.

The second bit I really enjoyed writing was the part where Danny is being chased by the Dogs of War. Again, I could see it very clearly in my head, and I got a chance to write a little bit about what Shimny was thinking. I love horses - earlier versions of the book had a lot more horsey bits in them - although thankfully I've never been chased by a pack of dogs while out riding... But it's so exciting to get to a bit in a story where you can see and feel and hear the whole scene rushing through your mind, and all you've got to do is grab onto it and try to slow it down enough to look at it properly. Those are the parts when the story seems to be making itself up for you; the parts when it's really your friend!

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